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Valley Bonsai Society Membership


Dues are $30 per individual or $40 per couple, renewable by Jan 1st each year.

We also offer a $5.oo per meeting fee, for the occasional visitor, payable to the Treasurer (Bea Bauerly) at the beginning of the meeting.

Please see the panel to the left for the Membership Application form. This form can be filled in and e-mailed to BelgianBea@yahoo.com, mailed to the address at the bottom of the form or brought to a meeting.

For any question related to membership, please contact Bea Bauerly (BelgianBea@yahoo.com).


President - Charles Harder - bonsainut@comcast.net
Vice President - Position Open
Secretary - Bea Bauerly - BelgianBea@yahoo.com
Treasurer - Bea Bauerly - BelgianBea@yahoo.com
Membership - Bea Bauerly - BelgianBea@yahoo.com
Fund Raising and Plant Tagger - Position Open
Newsletter - Bea Bauerly - BelgianBea@yahoo.com
Librarian - Charles Harder - bonsainut@comcast.net


To address any questions or comments about this web site send an e-mail to Charles at bonsainut@comcast.net.
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