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Valley Bonsai Society Membership


Dues are $30 per individual or $40 per couple, renewable by Jan 1st each year.

We also offer a $5.oo per meeting fee, for the occasional visitor, payable to the Treasurer (Bea Bauerly) at the beginning of the meeting.

For any question related to membership, please contact Bea Bauerly (bb1727@att.com).


President - Charles Harder - bonsainut@comcast.net
Vice President - Position Open
Secretary - Bea Bauerly - bb1727@att.com
Treasurer - Bea Bauerly - bb1727@att.com
Membership - Bea Bauerly - bb1727@att.com
Fund Raising and Plant Tagger - Position Open
Newsletter - David Funk - jtfunk@pacbell.net
Librarian - Charles Harder - bonsainut@comcast.net


To address any questions or comments about this web site send an e-mail to Charles at bonsainut@comcast.net.
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